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The Momprenuer Lifestyle: Why I Stay Home

A ”MomPrenuer” is a term describing women who start or run their own businesses while also acting as a full-time parent.

The momprenuer lifestyle isnt for everyone, and most momprenuers are constantly getting judged negatively by others that may not understand fully a mothers “WHY” for choosing this particular path. There are many times others do ask “Why” this or “Why” that or “How come you don’t…?”, and when you go to give your explanation they will still only see things through their lens and think you are doing too much. And in fact it may be a lot… for them but not you. It is definitely a balancing act making time for your family and putting in the work to grow and run your business all from home, but for many including myself doing both is an exhilarating experience.

Being able to be your authentic self as a stay at home mommy and business owner, your success is defined by you and only you. There’s no glass ceiling to your potential, you grow as an individual, and you get to experience so many things that others may miss out on.


My mother was a stay at home mom for years with my sister and I. She was always available for us any time day or night. Made us home cooked meals, took us out on many random little adventures, was an active part in our schools as a room parent, part of the PTA, and highly engaged in many of our interest and hobbies. She didn’t leave the home to go out and work until we were in high school. As a child I always admired that she was so present in our childhood and prayed that one day when I also became a parent, that I could be as present and involved in my children’s life as well.

Fast forward to my current life when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I knew INSTANTLY I wanted to be a full time stay at home mother as well!… But given my creative, driven and passionate personality, I also wanted/needed to work full-time to provide for her and I. I wanted both! And I’m currently doing it all by choice! My choice. I’m a fulltime stay at home mommy to my daughter, I work a fulltime “9-5” job to earn a living, and I am actively running and growing my own creative business. Is doing all of this easy? Not at all, lol, but the benefits I gain surpass all of the cons for me.

My number one reason for wanting to stay at home was so that I could see my baby girl grow up and not miss out any milestones in her development. I wanted to be the one to raise her and didn’t want my baby in a daycare all day while I’m working for hours missing out on so much. Not to mention it saves a lot of money not having to pay for childcare. And I purposely made that decision prior to her existence in this world. Prior to the pandemic even starting. My mothers involved lifestyle when I was a child imprinted in my mind and acted as the first blueprint for me to follow the same path. I have no regrets or reservations in my heart or mind. My daughter is now almost 2 1/2 years old and safe at home with me in my care everyday. She’s learning so much and most importantly she is happy and loved. I’m so proud of my daughters development and other people are amazed as well and think she’s way older than she is. I’m blessed to have the support of family and her father in this decision. We have the same objective to make sure that she grows into the best version of herself that she can be.


Working my “9-5” Monday through Friday with my weekends off allows me to earn a honest living and be happy. I’m able to fulfill my families needs and most of our wants through saving and some smart investing moves from the income received. Working my “9-5” allowed me to initially financially fuel the start of my business. And on top of that, I’m blessed to be able to work from the comfort of my own home. I searched high and low after giving birth to my daughter in 2019 for a fulltime work from home job, and was so happy I found one prior to my maternity leave exhausting from my traditional office job. The company I work for and the management I am under understand work and family life balance which is a major plus because there are so many companies that don’t take that into consideration at all these days. I feel like I have accomplished a great part of my mission as a momprenuer and have learned many essential skill sets that have prepared me to step into business ownership with a positive passionate and driven mindset by working my work from home ”9-5” job.

And of course, making time for my business. Answering and sending emails, fulfilling book and product orders, planning and preparing content, and even marketing to create traffic to my site and encourage more sales. Right now since I’m still in the beginning phases of growing my business, I do it all by myself with my baby on my hip, lol 💪🏾. I‘m not going to lie, I do have my moments and days where I get stressed out and overwhelmed trying to balance out “our normal” doing so much, but I do it and do a great job. Working hard to make sure that everything I put out is of satisfactory quality. From these blog post, upcoming books I will be releasing, and mixed media art work (I will begin to share my artwork with you all very soon by the way 😉 #QUEENTOBER).

We know that others may have their negative opinions on our decision to do so much all the time, but who said that us as momprenuers can’t be “Jackie’s of all Trades” while wearing multiple hats and work towards creating generational wealth for our families? Especially during a whole pandemic… I’ll wait. 😁

Leave a comment below if you’re a momprenuer just starting out or been doing this thing for quite some time. Or even if your just a mommy/daddy doing what you need to do to make sure your children are happy and healthy while you’re working and making moves towards your goals and dreams. 🤗🤎

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Momprenuer checking in! It’s not always easy but it’s worth it! You’re doing amazing 🤎

The Brown Gals
The Brown Gals
Sep 27, 2021
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Thank you!!! 🤎 It sure isn’t easy but we make it do what it do! 🤎💪🏾 We got this!


The Brown Gals
The Brown Gals
Sep 22, 2021
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