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Growth Women's Business Network Magazine Blog Feature

Good morning lovelies! 🤎

How are you doing?

How are you feeling?

Are you emitting “Brown Vibes”?

Well even though we are half way through another week, it’s ok to just take it one day at a time! 🤗

The Creator of The Brown Gals, LLC, Maikel Diane Brown, has been working extremely hard everyday and night to continuously build up this brand one day at a time. And surprisingly has not gone unnoticed!

Growth Women's Business Networks has decided to feature her in their next September 2022 Fall Edition of their online business magazine (set to realease next week) and latest blog post!

We are so honored to be highlighted in such a positive way!

The Growth Women’s Business Network Magazine is designed to inspire, educate, and encourage women in business of all ages. The magazine works as inspiration for women in topics of business, fashion, finances, ministry, wellness, and more.

Make sure to check out their blog write up by clicking on the link below 🤎 and don’t forget to leave a comment and like this and their post!

Growth Women's Business Networks Magazine

Thank you! 🤗

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