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Welcome to QUEENTOBER 👑

The time is finally upon us!


Queentober is a time to celebrate every Queen and King that emits “Brown Vibes”.

A time of Highlighting ones talents and Magnifying our strengths. Taking time to acknowledge those that have a positive impact in our lives.

The Brown Gals are excited to celebrate this time with you all!

During the entire month of October, The Brown Gals will be doing all of this and more!

Each week we will be acknowledging a few Queens and Kings from different walks of life and their individual talents. Highlighting how they Inspire, Influence, and Motivate others with their various gifts.

We will also be interacting more with our supporters and followers on our Facebook and Instagram pages, with more giveaways, polls and games! Releasing NEW and EXCLUSIVE Queentober merchandise as well!

And of course since October is also our creators birthday month, Maikel Diane Brown, we will sharing some highlights on how she will be celebrating her special day with you all too! (October 15th 😉)

So sit back, relax and enjoy the show, as we make this Queentober of 2021 a celebration to remember! 🤎

The Brown Gals, LLC

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