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If you’re reading this, you may be wondering who we are.

Well for starters, “We” is actually “Me”. 

My name is Maikel Diane Brown, and I am the proud owner and creator of The Brown Gals, LLC. I am “That Gal” who is a Mother, Daughter, Sister, and a Friend. A strong and talented Black Woman from the South coming into her own. 

I’ve always wanted to create something that I know my family would be proud of and that I truly love; and aside from having my daughter, The Brown Gals, LLC was born. 

Coming from a long line of Browns on both sides of the family, the name “Brown” is something near and dear to my heart. The meaning behind the color “Brown” evokes an organic sense of strength and resilience. Growth and feelings of peace. These are just a few of the many characteristics of what I feel a Brown Gal embodies. Which is me.

Having a space where I can continuously showcase my authentic self and work I feel is necessary at this point in my life to share with others. Therapeutic even at times. There are many layers to me that others could relate to. From being a single mom, battling depression and anxiety, being a hopeless romantic, trying to balance work and home life, working on my mental and physical health… the list goes on and on. 

I have a story to tell. 

Through my writings, lifestyle, and mixed media artwork, you can get a glimpse of what I bring to the table. I bring me. Highlighting the beauty of myself as an Authorprenuer, Brown Gal, and Creative. 

The Brown Gals is A Transcendent Space of Creativity to Inspire, Influence & Motivate. 




My mother and I share the same birthday...

I was an Air Force “Military Brat” as a child

I have 5 tattoos and 2 piercings

I’ve visited Belgium, Germany and France

I hope to one day travel to Dubai and Japan

I don’t know how to snap my fingers

I love all things Snoopy/Peanuts

I was not only on but also helped get the first Step Team started at my High School (FootWorks)

I can function off of only a few hours of sleep!!! Lol


Sport: watching Professional Bull Riding

Season: Fall (Boots! Sweater

Weather! Pumpkin Spice and everything Nice!)

Color: Green

Hobby: Creating!!!

Animal: Puppies

Place: The Beach

Dessert: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Holiday: “Mai” Birthday & Christmas