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The Brown Gals is a transcendent space of creativity where we Inspire, Influence & Motivate. 

A community for Artist, Creatives, Entrepreneurs & all things Art.

The Brown Gals is a community for people that embody the definition of what a true Brown Gal or Guy is.


One who emits “Brown Vibes" through various artistic avenues and content.


Emits strength and resilience.


Showcases honesty, relatability and stability.


A down-to-earth elegance; an entire mood. 

The Brown Gals is also a space for transformation. We promote healing by tapping into your deepest thoughts & feelings, through Art, in a non-clinical way.


And we also offer exceptional administrative & creative virtual assistance to business owner & influencers no matter how big or small; providing you peace of mind & value while enhancing your overall day-to-day experience.



If you’re still reading this, you may be wondering who exactly is behind creating all of this.

Well for starters, the creator is “Me”. 

My name is Maikel Diane Brown, and I am the proud owner, and creator of The Brown Gals. 


I am “That Gal”.


A strong and talented Black Woman.


A mother to an Awesome and Beautiful little girl.


And a Creative who Inspires, Influences & Motivates Others!


I’m currently located in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and I work extremely hard at creating an ideal lifestyle for myself, my family, and my business. 


Creating a balance between work and personal goals with cognitive diversity and flexibility.


Through my many skills and talents, you’ll get a glimpse of what I bring to the table. 


I am an...


•Authorpreneur | Brown Gal | Creative


•Non-Clinical Healer, Through The Arts, As A Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach


•Administrative & Creative Virtual Assistant




•UGC Creator


•Blogger & Copywriter

I promise to highlight myself authentically in this space; create beneficial content and art that will illustrate The Brown Gals core values (to Inspire, Influence & Motivate), & also provide peace of mind & a high-quality experience for those wanting to work or collaborate together.

I bring ME!




My mother and I share the same birthday...

I was an Air Force “Military Brat” as a child

I have 5 tattoos and 2 piercings

I’ve visited Belgium, Germany and France

I hope to one day travel to Dubai and Japan

I don’t know how to snap my fingers

I love all things Snoopy/Peanuts

I was not only on but also helped get the first Step Team started at my High School (FootWorks)

I can function off of only a few hours of sleep!!! Lol


Sport: watching Professional Bull Riding

Season: Fall (Boots! Sweater

Weather! Pumpkin Spice and everything Nice!)

Color: Green

Hobby: Creating!!!

Animal: Puppies

Place: The Beach

Dessert: Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

Holiday: “Mai” Birthday & Christmas

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