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“Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?” is now inside KRC Bookstore’s Children Subscription Boxes📚

The secret is out!

Our very first published children’s book can now be found inside of KRC Bookstore‘s Children Subscription Boxes!

This is an EXCITING and FUN opportunity for The Brown Gals to have “Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?” reach even more young readers nationwide!

We decided to partner with KRC Bookstore because of the founder, Tammie M Lilly.

She is very inspiring, influential and motivating! Not only as a business owner, but as a hard working mother, self-published author and most importantly woman of God. She definitely emits “Brown Gal” vibes, so coming together to be apart of the children’s book subscription boxes was a no brainer.


Now if you are not familiar with what a book subscription box is or how it works. We’ve got you covered! 😉

It’s a pretty simple and popular new way many readers are able to be introduced to new book titles based on their age and genres they’re interested in. The book subscription boxes are delivered right to their home 🏡 typically on a monthly basis. You get to “Try before you Buy” basically. You’ll have a certain amount of time to decide if the books included in your box are ones you want to keep, and if not simply send them back.

KRC Bookstore will be offering 3,6,9 & even 12 month subscription options from their children’s book collection!

All you have to do is describe your young reader and KRC Bookstore will tailor each book selection included in your child’s box for you! We want to help your child reach not only reading milestones, but we want to ignite meaningful conversations between you and your child while aiding in making sure that your child’s imagination and love for reading continues to flourish! 🤗

To get started, go to and fill out the Children Intake Form.


If you havn’t gotten a chance to purchase your copy of “Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?” written by Maikel Diane Brown from our shop, this is another great way to check it out and get your hands on a nice brand new hard copy.🤗

“Sometimes thinking of the perfect response can be challenging with certain questions, so I created a story of hypothetical questions that a child might ask their grown-up in the future about LIFE!

Enjoy the loving and poetic conversation a mother has with her young daughter named August, that plays on a brainstorming technique (5 W’s & H questions) to help her realize why she is AWESOME!” ~Maikel Diane Brown

”Do You Know Why You’re Awesome August?” is a great book for readers young, old and new!

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Belinda Daily
Belinda Daily
Sep 07, 2021

Book subscriptions are a great idea! Congratulations on reaching even more kids at home! …Sure to be every child’s favorite!

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